Digital radiology systems at Clinique Vétérinaire Laurentien-Keller

Clinique vétérinaire Laurentien-Keller owns two digital radiology systems.

Radiography of Organs and Bones

The first one is a high power machine used to image different portions of the body of our patients.
It allows viewing anomalies in the chest or abdomen, such as growths or foreign bodies in the stomach or bowels.
It also allows us to view the overall aspect of the heart and lungs.
Obviously, it is very useful as well to evaluate bones when the veterinarian suspects a fracture, an infection or a cancer affecting these structures.

Dental Radiography

Our second X-Ray machine is a dental radiography unit that helps us evaluate the state of the teeth, periodontal ligament as well as the mandibular and maxillary bones. We may also use it to examine delicate structures and the nasal cavity.

These modern machines generate radiographic images that show a lot more details then older machines necessitating films. The process is also much faster and easier.

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