Quicker Treatment With Laboratory Diagnosis in Montreal

At Clinique Vétérinaire Laurentien-Keller, we have a diagnostic laboratory where we conduct analyses to identify and diagnose your pet’s health problem. We send samples to the lab to gather quantitative and qualitative data. This allows us to provide treatments more rapidly.

Hematology and Biochemistry

We have equipment on the cutting edge of technology that allows us to perform a wide range of blood tests on site to give us a precise idea of your pet’s condition. This equipment will measure and quantify the various populations of blood cells, especially platelets, red blood cells and many types of white blood cells. We then perform examinations under a microscope to detect abnormalities on a blood smear. These abnormalities include parasites, abnormal red blood cells (anemia), a too high or too low white blood cell count and more. These results are essential for the treatment of diseases. Other devices will evaluate biochemical parameters such as blood glucose, liver enzymes, protein levels or certain waste eliminated by the kidneys. We can also test for electrolytes, sodium, chlorine and potassium as well as calcium and phosphorus levels.

Montreal Clinic
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